Monday, June 14, 2010

Gotta start somewhere

Why Blog? I have been asking myself this for a while now. I have wanted to blog for some time now, goodness knows why. I've talked myself out of it several times, too. Yet, here I am.

I seem to often have random thoughts circulating around in my head during the day. Oftentimes it is practical day to day living stuff. Maybe it is a handy gadget I'd love to share with someone. Perhaps a tip on how to get it all done in a day. I love teaching newly wed wives and mothers how to achieve balance in their home. Sharing seems to be one of those things that comes naturally to me. You could call me compassionate. I have a want to help others find their God-given roll of nurturer in their family.

My own mother didn't teach me much. It wasn't that she didn't want to or wasn't qualified. Her Mothering Style was just different. Perhaps mine is different than someone else's. Actually, I know mine is not the same as everybody else's.

I suppose that's why I've started this whole blog thing. If I can help just one mom or wife out there it will have been worth it.

I guess this first post is going to be a bit random. I sure am having trouble articulating all my thoughts. It could be because it is very late for me. I have a teething one year old who isn't sleeping, or eating very much for that matter. I want to cram all my thoughts onto this page before he wakes up (again...he's already woken twice and it's only 10pm). So, I suppose it's understandable that my writing reflects that of a mother with a newborn, as that's the schedule I've been on lately.

However, as with anything, perseverance is key! I will prevail against all that stands against me. No laundry mountain is too high! No toy pile too deep! I have slain the demons of dinner in less than a half hour and I will commit to blogging, no matter what. So, until tomorrow...

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